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Time out


Dealing with some post-Turkey Day personal and business stuff…will resume normal posting on Wednesday (unless something really wacky happens). Advertisements

Girl With A Puck (AKA Finny) has gone to great lengths to create a very detailed and researched response to a Detroit News column about how writer Chris McKosky is not a fan of the sports blogosphere. Some of the superstars featured in the article are Brian Burke, Ted Leonsis, Helene Elliot, and a bunch […]

(Note: This will be the only post I ever make about Jiri Tlusty unless, you know, he does something hockey-related) Let’s see, dumb teenager takes stupid photos of self, sends it out to someone else and it eventually it gets posted online. And said dumb teenager happens to be in the Maple Leafs organization. To […]

I’m selling a few old jerseys on ebay if anyone is interested: Old (“Classic”) Phoenix Coyotes jersey: the story behind this is that when I was working in London, I found a rack of NHL jerseys at a shop on Oxford Street. I talked with the owner and he said he didn’t know anything about […]

It’s the night before the Great Pumpkin rises up and gives toys to all of the good children in the Peanuts comic books. Before our favorite hockey players go trick-or-treating, I got a sneak peak at some of their costumes. Check it out. Vesa Toskala: Sometimes, our Halloween costumes reflect the way we really wish […]

You know, I’ve been at this blogger game for about two years now (and I’ve been published on hockey in different forms for about seven or eight years prior to that), and I’ve gotten all sorts of goofy feedback and even the in-jest death threat from New York Ranger fans, but this is the first […]

Boy, what an emotional week for Ryan Smyth. I mean, the last time Alberta saw their Captain Canada, he was making a teary goodbye at the airport, and when the Avs got back into Edmonton, Smyth let the tears flow again thanks to a moving tribute by the Oilers organization and the Edmonton faithful. Smyth’s […]