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Shooting Blanks


The San Jose Sharks and New York Rangers were penned in as high-powered Stanley Cup favorites in the preseason. Both are sputtering along right now due to an anemic offense, and the numbers point the blame mostly at Patrick Marleau/Jonathan Cheechoo in San Jose and Scott Gomez/Brendan Shanahan in New York. New York is winning […]

Update: Fox Sports article is up. My Fox Sports article based on this transcript should be up sometime Monday morning. In the meantime, here’s the full transcript of my 20+ minute interview the Sharks GM Doug Wilson based on questions from readers. I’ll say this — Doug has a consistent message across all his interviews, […]

A big thanks to all of the readers who commented and emailed me questions for my interview with Doug Wilson this afternoon. I had to side-step any specifics about players and free agency (sorry Mirtle), but he gave some very thorough answers otherwise. Not too much new information for people who’ve read or listened to […]

Ask Doug Wilson


First off, don’t forget to vote in the Rawk the Puck final! It’s today’s indie rock vs. yesterday’s modern rock in a battle for, um, elusive bragging rights. Thanks to my gig, I’ll be following up my post-playoff analysis of the Sharks with an interview with GM Doug Wilson (thanks also to the Sharks […]

Sabre or Shark?


Awful power plays. Shots not getting through. Frustrated coaches. Bad turnovers. Suicidal fans. Hey, is it the Buffalo Sabres or San Jose Sharks? Here’s eight quotes — four from each team. Can you guess whether it’s Sabre or Shark? A) We’re one of the best road teams in the league. B) Somehow we have to […]

Not so long ago, the San Jose Sharks responded to a 5-2 drubbing and several suspension-worthy cheapshots by the Nashville Predators by amping up their game and taking over their first-round playoff series. The result? A five-game series win that said, “Hey, you ain’t gonna push us around this year. We’re bigger, faster, and meaner.” […]

Minor Miracles


Will he or won’t he? For Sharks and Predators, that’s the burning question surrounding the return of Jonathan Cheechoo — though, obviously, for different reasons. Ron Wilson said that Cheechoo wanted to return to the overtime of game 1. Is that true? Is he bluffing? Everyone’s initial thought was yes. Hockey observers, from mullet-head Barry […]