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With the Ducks able to clinch the Stanley Cup tomorrow night, it only seems fitting that we bring the marathon Rawk the Puck 2007 tournament to the end. A big thanks to all of the panelists and people who participated. The voting, like most hockey blog traffic as teams got eliminated, dropped with each round, […]

First off, my Stanley Cup Final prediction is here. Canadian fans, rejoyce! California fans, feel my betrayal! The bruises, the aches, the broken hearts — after weeks of battling between good music and some admittedly awful music, it all comes down to this: a seven-game series (in the form of a voting widget and snarky […]

Life imitates art, and Rawk the Puck has gone through the law of diminishing voters just as the NHL’s TV ratings have dropped. Still, we soldier on because it’s not about number of votes or ratings — it’s about the championship! Who will rise to the occasion and battle for the JABS Memorial Cup? The […]

When Chris Young first started Rawk The Puck many moons ago (last year’s playoffs), he divided it into a Classic Rock conference and an Indie Rock conference. Those definitions didn’t really hold up, but it was at least something to go on. For the conference finals, I’ve reverted back to those original definitions, mainly because […]

First off, we’re skating a little short-handed this round as David is too busy with newborn twins to listen to Sebastian Bach, and Chris had a lower-body injury that allowed him to vote, but not get in the snark. There’s always the conference finals, though! Don’t forget to check out how we got here in […]

We’ve moved the deadline for Rawk the Puck second round voting till the end of today because, well, I’ve been too busy to tabulate all of our panelist comments yet. See how far Skid Row can go when they represent the Minnesota Wild by checking out song clips and don’t forget to vote!

Well, Rawk the Puck certainly isn’t accurate in predicting Stanley Cup playoff winners, but one thing’s for sure — you can’t stop Spinal Tap and people are scared into voting for GWAR. This round, Tap and GWAR are sitting on the sidelines; the winning teams have new representatives for your enjoyment. As with last time, […]