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First off, my Stanley Cup Final prediction is here. Canadian fans, rejoyce! California fans, feel my betrayal! The bruises, the aches, the broken hearts — after weeks of battling between good music and some admittedly awful music, it all comes down to this: a seven-game series (in the form of a voting widget and snarky […]

Out in Northern California, it essentially comes down to a single game between two franchises filled with frustration over the past few years. In Buffalo and in Ottawa, the anticipation is building as two franchises reflect on their past failures, with only one of them being able to get just a chance at the big […]

(Bonus points to anyone who knows who sang Dial-A-Cliche) First off, don’t forget to vote in the Rawk the Puck Conference Finals. It’s Indie Rock vs. Classic Rock in a battle that kinda, sorta has something to do with hockey. Speaking of battles, we’re gearing up for Game 5 of the Rangers/Sabres series tonight and […]

Wavering on OT


Just a few months ago, there was some discussion about what was happening with playoff OT — namely, the fact that Gary Bettman and co. emphatically re-stated that nothing was going to change with overtime. Everyone agreed and everyone kept saying, “Well, this is one point I’m always going to be a traditionalist on.” Except […]

We’ve got just a few days remaining in the first round, but a number of teams are already looking forward to next season. Four series finished in five games or less; however, half of those teams should be proud of their season. The other half, well, not so much. CheersNew York IslandersDo players love playing […]

First off, remember you can still vote on the Western Rawk the Puck matchups. Voting is open till whenever I cut it off over the weekend. Eastern matchups are below… As for last night’s games, here’s some random thoughts: As crappy as it was to lose Jonathan Cheechoo (still no word on the MRI as […]