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Just a quick non-hockey request for readers out there: if there’s anyone reading with ANY experience in the publishing industry (editor, agent, acquisitions person, etc.), I’d really like to pick your brain, so please contact me. Thanks! Advertisements

For better or worse, you gotta figure that someone who blogs about hockey, runs a writing business, and writes for a variety of websites is really sick in the head and slightly obsessed about writing. Yes, it’s true, I have that horrible illness and I’ve semi-secretly been writing a novel manuscript for the past year […]

Long-time readers of this blog probably have noticed that, for better or worse, I make random references to geeky sci-fi stuff. From my last few mentions of Robotech and its new sequel DVD, I surprisingly got some appreciative feedback on it. So, since this DVDisn’t that well known and I have like five readers that […]