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Update: I just posted this, then The Forechecker had this link up. There’s some legal-ese about the 14,000 mark that I can’t quite decipher yet, but it sounds like SOMETHING’s being made in good faith about the Nashville community. Until then, mark me as still skeptical about Balsillie’s true intentions. With all of the commotion […]

Word’s come down that the local Nashville consortium, using the same model as the Edmonton Oilers’ ownership group of several billion people, is finalizing a letter of intent to buy the Predators and keep the team in Nashville. Ok, Preds fans, step one’s in the books. Step two is for the sale to actually go […]

Scorched earth


Holy crap… The Nashville Predators have traded goaltender Tomas Vokoun to the Florida Panthers for a first-round pick and two second-round picks. Nashville fans, you guys have my sympathies. This is totally playing out like Major League. Where’s Pedro Cerrano when you need him?

Dear Nashville Predators fans, I know you must be disturbed, annoyed, and/or frustrated by the way the media has zeroed in on how your team is awesome but not doing well in attendance. There’s a lot of overture from the media about how Craig Leipold might have to ask the city for subsidies because support […]