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We all know that Jeremy Roenick loves the spotlight to shoot his mouth off. Well, for some strange reason, he’s booked tonight on CBS’ Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Check out the guest list: Set those Tivos or brew some coffee. We should start a pool — what will JR talk about? A: Announce […]

There is plenty of debate about who won and who lost at the trade deadline, but lost in the shuffle is the fact that the St. Louis Blues actually took a number of assets and turned it around into something very substantial for the future. Let’s take a look at what came and went: On […]

Jes Golbez is getting me back for the “5 Weird Things” meme from a while back with the latest craze to hit the Internets: If I Were a Hockey Player! Jes was able to use a custom player from NHL 2007 (or 2K7, I can’t tell), but unfortunately I’m a console person and can’t screencap […]