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Since the silly season for holiday shopping is just around the corner, I’m guessing that countless hockey fans have their favorite team’s new jersey on their wish list. Well, as one of the unfortunate few that already picked up the RBK Premiere (nice name for “replica”), here’s some words of advice. Unless you really dig […]

Even though I think many of the new NHL jerseys are absolutely hideous, I’m going to wind up buying one because 1) I am dumb 2) I am a Jeremy Roenick fan 3) I am a Sharks fan. Put all of that together and that means that I’m shelling out bucks for an ugly-ass Roenick […]

The results are in and people around the NHL are pretty satisfied with the new “uniform system” that had its debut at the All-Star Game. Every team will have a few tweaks to their jerseys next season and through my super-secret insider contacts, I’ve managed to get a few sneak peaks at the new look […]