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**Begin Fanboy Rant** In lieu of Jeremy Roenick’s 500th goal, I spent some time reflecting on my JR fandom, which really has followed my whole hockey obsession in terms of timeline. You can put together how old I am based on this too, if you’re really curious. 1990: I discover hockey by accident on SportsChannel. […]

My bad, JR


An open letter to Jeremy Roenick: Hey, JR — can I call you JR? — I’ve gotta tell you the truth. Way back when, back when you were the core of the Chicago Blackhawks, you scored a goal late in the third period to send a playoff game with the Colorado Avalanche into overtime. I […]

It looks my eulogy for Jeremy Roenick’s career was premature. If you read that or if you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know that JR was my favorite player for a long, long time, and it’s always been kind of a twisted dream of mine to have him play for the Sharks. […]

Remembering JR


It’s kinda funny how Jeremy Roenick‘s retirement got announced. You’d think JR Superstar would have bought network time and thrown himself a career retrospective or something instead of a brief message to a reporter saying, “I’m retired.” After all, this is the guy who did the opening act for Luc Robitaille‘s encore last skate around […]

Minor Miracles


Will he or won’t he? For Sharks and Predators, that’s the burning question surrounding the return of Jonathan Cheechoo — though, obviously, for different reasons. Ron Wilson said that Cheechoo wanted to return to the overtime of game 1. Is that true? Is he bluffing? Everyone’s initial thought was yes. Hockey observers, from mullet-head Barry […]

We all know that Jeremy Roenick loves the spotlight to shoot his mouth off. Well, for some strange reason, he’s booked tonight on CBS’ Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Check out the guest list: Set those Tivos or brew some coffee. We should start a pool — what will JR talk about? A: Announce […]

Jes Golbez is getting me back for the “5 Weird Things” meme from a while back with the latest craze to hit the Internets: If I Were a Hockey Player! Jes was able to use a custom player from NHL 2007 (or 2K7, I can’t tell), but unfortunately I’m a console person and can’t screencap […]