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What does $1,000,000 buy you? In the case of Scott Gomez, not a hell of a lot. In the case of Jeremy Roenick, quite a bit. Free agency’s always a gamble, and there’s always that mix of busts and jackpots. Here’s a look at a wide spectrum of this year’s big-name free-agent signings. I’ve taken […]

Is Kevin Lowe a jerk, an idiot, or just collapsing under the weight of the chip on his shoulder? First the ridiculous Tomas Vanek offer sheet — cause, obviously, anyone with ONE good season can’t possibly regress over the course of his career — and now comes word that Lowe’s put out another overpriced offer […]

The case for…


With Sheldon Souray signing in Edmonton, it’s down to slim pickings in the UFA market now, and that means that we’re heading into about six weeks of relative quiet. While debating the scraps of the UFA junkpile isn’t quite as fulfilling as talking about Chris Drury or Scott Gomez, there’s still some talent in there–and […]

I’ve got my arm out of the sling (the hand’s just bandaged up right now) so typing’s a little easier. I’ve got one thought going through my head during all of this free agent madness: You’re all nuts. Seriously. What the hell are you thinking? (You as in NHL GMs, not you the reader) Ok, […]