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Update: Fox Sports article is up. My Fox Sports article based on this transcript should be up sometime Monday morning. In the meantime, here’s the full transcript of my 20+ minute interview the Sharks GM Doug Wilson based on questions from readers. I’ll say this — Doug has a consistent message across all his interviews, […]

A big thanks to all of the readers who commented and emailed me questions for my interview with Doug Wilson this afternoon. I had to side-step any specifics about players and free agency (sorry Mirtle), but he gave some very thorough answers otherwise. Not too much new information for people who’ve read or listened to […]

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First off, don’t forget to vote in the Rawk the Puck final! It’s today’s indie rock vs. yesterday’s modern rock in a battle for, um, elusive bragging rights. Thanks to my gig, I’ll be following up my post-playoff analysis of the Sharks with an interview with GM Doug Wilson (thanks also to the Sharks […]