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(Mike’s note: Before the second round began, Christy from Behind the Jersey and I entered into a friendly wager. If the Wings won, she gets to post on my blog and vice versa if the Sharks won. Thankfully, my original half-joking proposal of me writing and recording a song about the Wings never came through. […]

Not so long ago, the San Jose Sharks responded to a 5-2 drubbing and several suspension-worthy cheapshots by the Nashville Predators by amping up their game and taking over their first-round playoff series. The result? A five-game series win that said, “Hey, you ain’t gonna push us around this year. We’re bigger, faster, and meaner.” […]

Remember the good ol’ days of the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings beating the living snot out of each other on a regular basis? Remember the palpable hate between the teams? Remember Claude Lemieux, Darren McCarty, Patrick Roy, Mike Vernon, and all those other players that just loved to say hello to each other […]