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Update: Please read this post for updates rules. It’s that time of year again — time to pit your favorite 3rd/4th liner against someone else’s favorite 3rd/4th liner to see who’s the best of the worst! Here are the (loose) rules: 1) Player must be a forward who scored less than 45 points last year2) […]

Yes, the season’s come and gone, and sure, Sidney Crosby may have won the Art Ross trophy, but the ONLY competition that matters is the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. Well, I suppose it didn’t matter THAT much because I got lazy about keeping the leaderboard up (anyone know of any sort of widget that can […]

Apologies all around, I know I’m way overdue for an update to the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. The leaderboard is now updated and we can all see that Eric Perrin, who was pulling up the rear before 2006 ended, has springboarded to the top. Similar to how the Lightning started off crappy and now are […]