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I’ve updated the leaderboard for the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em and really, all it says is that we should all feel really dumb for doubting Nik Antropov (AKA The Only Good Thing Going In Toronto). Hey, who would have guessed that years of mediocrity would have finally been shed? At the very bottom of the […]

Wake the neighbors and call the kids, here’s the final list of contestants in the Crappy Player Pick’ Em, with current stats to make everyone feel stupid for not picking Nik Antropov. I’ll update the leaderboard on the right column too. Matt: Nik Antropov 6G 5A = 11PJames Mirtle: Eric Belanger 3G 4A = 7PMike […]

We’ve got a great turnout for this year’s Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. This is the lineup for our little exhibition: Mike (me!): Chris GrattonKyle: Ian LaperriereDanny: Pascal DupuisAndrew: Radek BonkMike: Yanic PerreaultJames Mirtle: Eric BelangerRob: Chris ClarkRon: Alexei PonikarovskyGary: Aaron AshamRudyKelly: Derek ArmstrongAlanah: Matt CookeBryce: Jon SimJeremy: Manny MalhotraEarl Sleek: Sammy PahlssonSteve: Jed OrtmeyerMatt: Nik […]

Ok, so my goofy little contest has ruffled a few feathers with the way the rules were selected. To everyone participating — MY BAD on this one. I didn’t really think out the logistics too far ahead (I guess that’s why I’m not the commish in any fantasy leagues). When I finally realized a good […]

Here’s the current lineup of our little competition. You can still join in the fun until 10/10/07. If you want to make a pick, check out the rules and then leave a comment in the original post. And don’t try and cheat like Golbez — Mirtle will catch you! If you don’t see your name […]

Upon soliciting the wisdom of Mirtle, Golbez, and a few others, I’ve come up with the actual rules for this competition: 1) Players must have a career point average of less than 45 points per season.2) Player must be a forward that’s 27 or older. As Mirtle points out, if you’re still getting 30-40 points […]

Ok, my lackadaisical approach to the rules has created mass confusion. Give me a day to create a more defined guideline and check back tomorrow. Basically, we’ve got to keep the players cheap (under the average salary), crappy (below 45 points), and show that they’ve maxxed out on their potential. Maybe it will have to […]