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Well, this one’s out of left field. Mike Keenan’s replacing Jim Playfair in Calgary. Anyone see that coming? If so, you’ve got much better ESP than I do. To say that this is an interesting situation is an understatement. With Darryl Sutter still running the show in Calgary, you’ve got one stubborn-headed GM who wants […]

The NHL’s Frozen Moment series is a really cool daily high-res photo collection. It gives you nice insights into the game that wouldn’t have otherwise noticed, such as this beauty with Tomas Holmstrom and Miikka Kiprusoff. Apparently, Kipper just told Holmstrom about the strip club he and Dion Phaneuf like to go to in Calgary. […]

Long dead and buried, there’s a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope for Colorado Avalanche fans. Currently, the Avs are six points behind the Flames with one game at hand (tonight against the Sharks). In addition, the Avs have two head-to-head games with Calgary. Let’s take a look at their upcoming schedules: Calgary’s Schedule Mar 20 […]