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Saw this little tidbit in Pierre Lebrun’s Sportsnet column earlier today: Interestingly, with Hull’s blessing, Jackson sent a note around the league last week telling other GMs that he will be the point man for trade talks. And with that note, 29 other GMs stocked away their shit-eating grins and gave a Homer Simpson-esque annoyed […]

What the Hull?


(Apologies for the lame Hull pun) Brett Hull? Leading an NHL franchise as General Manager? Get out of here. That’ll never happen. No one would ever want Hull’s opinions and attitude, and besides, Hull would never want such a role. This is the guy whose only work in the Dallas Stars’ front office was to […]

Don Cherry’s much ballyhooed debut was tonight. Now, I’ve got Center Ice, so seeing him for me isn’t that much of a novelty even though I’m American. In fact, normally I can’t stand him on Hockey Night In Canada (Satellite Hotstove’s much more entertaining in my opinion), but having him on with Brett Hull certainly […]