Coaching styles


Thanks to the different news bits from today’s Kukla’s Korner, we got a nice cross-section of how coaches are reacting. First off, a little bit of motivation from Mike Keenan:

“You won one game, big (expletive) deal!Do it right!” screamed coach Mike Keenan in the middle of the Calgary Flames practice yesterday….

Holy rage, Batman. Good to see Keenan’s still up to form. What was all that stuff about him mellowing out?

Let’s check in to see how things are going down south with our favorite humorist, John Tortorella. If you haven’t been following the news, Torts was expressing his anger at some media types by calling them clowns. Today, some of the media decided to play a practical joke on Torts to see if he would be like Mitt Romney and lighten up slightly.

A day after the whole media clowns thing, we decide it would be funny if when coach Tortorella came in to meet with reporters today after practice at the St. Pete Times Forum, we all would wear red clown noses. Low and behold, one of the media relations people for the Lightning said he had a box of red noses from when the circus was in town, and he runs to his office to get them.

So Torts comes into the meeting room, looks at four people with red noses, breathes deeply and says, “Great guys. Can we get going here, please. I have things to do.”

Didn’t even break a grin.

Wow. Someone forgot his happy pills this morning. What about you, Ron Wilson, what did you do the other day?

And when he was finished, he told the players “do whatever you want” and skated away.

I did that to my brother once when I was mad at him. It involved many more expletives, though. Maybe that means I can be an NHL coach someday. Let’s check in on Mr. Hardass himself, Ken Hitchcock.

Hitchcock would not get into detail about his message, he only hinted: “Let’s just say we don’t have many of those over the course of the season, but today was one of those. A heart-to-heart.”

A heart-to-heart? You mean one of those motivational speeches we only see in sports movies? Where’s the yelling? Where’s the name-calling? Where’s the cursing? Well, Hitch’s boys are doing more with a lot less on paper than Wilson, Tortorella, or Keenan while showing a lot of heart, so maybe those other coaches can try going with the tender approach.


One Response to “Coaching styles”

  1. 1 Drew

    I’m sure Hitch was channeling Keenan in his little “heart-to-heart”.

    But in general, he seems very calm. Serious, but calm.

    Take care!

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