Don’t call Brett


Saw this little tidbit in Pierre Lebrun’s Sportsnet column earlier today:

Interestingly, with Hull’s blessing, Jackson sent a note around the league last week telling other GMs that he will be the point man for trade talks.

And with that note, 29 other GMs stocked away their shit-eating grins and gave a Homer Simpson-esque annoyed grunt as their dreams of fleecing the brash and impulsive Brett Hull (“Looking to rebuild that D, Brett? How about Andrei Zyuzin for, I don’t know, Brenden Morrow? That’s a fair trade. Zyuzin was a #2 overall pick, after all.”) went the way of the dodo. Well, 28 other GMs; Garth Snow probably just gave a little sigh and reminisced about when he was a rookie GM not so long ago.


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