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With word coming out that the NHL will reevaluate (re: probably not bother with) the league’s participation in the 2014 Winter Olympics, it looks like this grand ol’ experiment may finally be coming to a close. The final verdict? On the ice, NHL participation in the Olympics was a resounding success filled with swift skating, […]

Promising goalie is mired in backup position, then gets dealt away for next to nothing and inspires team to become a whole lot better. We’ve heard this story before; in fact, it was just a few seasons ago where Miikka Kiprusoff was mired in the backup role for the San Jose Sharks. While whispers around […]

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Dealing with some post-Turkey Day personal and business stuff…will resume normal posting on Wednesday (unless something really wacky happens).



Since the silly season for holiday shopping is just around the corner, I’m guessing that countless hockey fans have their favorite team’s new jersey on their wish list. Well, as one of the unfortunate few that already picked up the RBK Premiere (nice name for “replica”), here’s some words of advice. Unless you really dig […]

Saw this little tidbit in Pierre Lebrun’s Sportsnet column earlier today: Interestingly, with Hull’s blessing, Jackson sent a note around the league last week telling other GMs that he will be the point man for trade talks. And with that note, 29 other GMs stocked away their shit-eating grins and gave a Homer Simpson-esque annoyed […]

Some of the NHL’s player movement rules are too convoluted for any normal human being to understand, so I may get this completely wrong. In any case, I’m assuming (and you know what happens when you assume) that a team can still trade for Ilya Bryzgalov’s rights while he’s on the waiver wire. If that’s […]

Girl With A Puck (AKA Finny) has gone to great lengths to create a very detailed and researched response to a Detroit News column about how writer Chris McKosky is not a fan of the sports blogosphere. Some of the superstars featured in the article are Brian Burke, Ted Leonsis, Helene Elliot, and a bunch […]