Halloween costumes


It’s the night before the Great Pumpkin rises up and gives toys to all of the good children in the Peanuts comic books. Before our favorite hockey players go trick-or-treating, I got a sneak peak at some of their costumes. Check it out.

Vesa Toskala: Sometimes, our Halloween costumes reflect the way we really wish we could approach daily life. For Vesa, things aren’t that rosy for him. He’s having some difficulty resolving his issues with this whole “No defense in front of me” thing. To compensate for that, Vesa is dressing up as a big brick wall — big enough, in fact, to cover the whole net. If only there weren’t those nasty regulations on goalie equipment size.

Hal Gill: Unlike Toskala, Gill is dressing as a charicature of what he really is:

(I know, I know, Gill’s a +7. But he’s just too darn easy to make fun of.)

Mike Modano: Being a child of the 70s, Modano loved The Greatest American Hero. Trying to become the greatest American-born hockey player in history, Modano’s mired on the 4th line, struggling to together his superhuman abilities for good use. Believe it or not, Modano’s (not quite) skating on air…

Sean Avery: Fresh off his break-up from Elisha Cuthbert, Avery’s got a dose of the green-eyed monster. He’s no longer the hockey player with the hottest starlet girlfriend, and he is pissed. To make up for this, Avery is dressing up as Mike Comrie for Halloween in hopes of fooling Hillary Duff.

I wonder what Rangers fans would do if Avery showed up to practice wearing an Islanders jersey — even if he did have Hillary Duff on his arm.


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