Best place to buy a new jersey?


Even though I think many of the new NHL jerseys are absolutely hideous, I’m going to wind up buying one because 1) I am dumb 2) I am a Jeremy Roenick fan 3) I am a Sharks fan. Put all of that together and that means that I’m shelling out bucks for an ugly-ass Roenick jersey. C’est la vie and all that.

So I’ve been doing my research about the best places to buy a new jersey and here’s what I came up with. If you know of anything better, please post it in the comments.

Standard replica price: $115 — found pretty much everywhere + shipping costs (varied)
Best price I’ve found: $99 at Hockey Monkey + $14 shipping
Second best price I’ve found: $105 at River City Sports + ??? shipping (server was down)
At the Sharks store: $135 (nice in-game impulse buy mark-up)
At the website: $115
eBay: $80 – $100 + shipping (they can screw you on shipping)

That’s what happens if you get a blank. If you want customization, that’s where it gets a little tricky:

-Hockey Monkey does NOT do customization or name-plating, so you can only get a blank jersey there.
-River City Sports charges $80 for customization for a total of $185 + shipping
-In-person at the Sharks store, you can get it for $75. If you bought it elsewhere, you’d probably spend $120 or so after shipping, so that’s about $195 total. Not sure what other teams charge for this.
-On, replica + customization = $170

Now, here’s the REALLY stupid thing. Suppose you’re a Sharks fan and you want a Joe Thornton jersey. Depending on where you click at the shop, you could either pay $150 or $170 for it. See, pre-made Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo (and other certain players on teams) jerseys can be found on the catalog for $150 BUT if you click on the jersey, you get a customization pull-down with each roster player’s name. If you order it through there, it’s $170 (and you can customize it to whatever name you want to).

So while is usually a rip-off compared to the other stores, for a replica with a player name on it, it’s actually the best price at $170. Still, I gotta think that you can get it for cheaper SOMEWHERE, right? Anyone found any better deals?


4 Responses to “Best place to buy a new jersey?”

  1. 1 Patrick C

    That’s why I paid the $350 for the real customized jersey.

    But its Murray not JR. Sorry.

  2. 2 tapeleg

    Of course, you can still go old school.

  3. 3 Sherry

    River City Sports will offer free shipping for orders over $100…if you live in Canada, heh.

  4. 4 Anonymous

    since when did orientals become hockey experts? Stick to math and science ass wipe

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