Your Crappy Players : Final Lineup


Wake the neighbors and call the kids, here’s the final list of contestants in the Crappy Player Pick’ Em, with current stats to make everyone feel stupid for not picking Nik Antropov. I’ll update the leaderboard on the right column too.

Matt: Nik Antropov 6G 5A = 11P
James Mirtle: Eric Belanger 3G 4A = 7P
Mike (me!): Chris Gratton 3G 1A = 4P
Gary: Aaron Asham 2G 2A = 4P
Drew: Jason Chimera 1G 3A = 4P
The Forechecker: Vern Fiddler 1G 3A = 4P
PB: Niko Kapanen 1G 3A = 4P
Andrew: Radek Bonk 3G 0A = 3P
Ron: Alexei Ponikarovsky 2G 1A = 3P
RudyKelly: Derek Armstrong 0G 3A = 3P
Jeremy: Manny Malhotra 1G 1A = 2P
Earl Sleek: Sammy Pahlsson 1G 1A = 2P
Danny: Pascal Dupuis 1G 0A = 1P
Alanah: Matt Cooke 1G 0A = 1P
Mike: Yanic Perreault 0G 1A = 1P
Kyle: Ian Laperriere 0G 1A = 1P
Steve: Jed Ortmeyer 0G 1A = 1P
vakfan: Mark Smith 0G 1A = 1P
Rob: Chris Clark 0G 0A = 0P
Bryce: Blair Betts 0G 0A = 0P
Sherry: Curtis Brown 0G 0A = 0P
Ninja: Boyd Devereaux 0G 0A = 0P

For what it’s worth, I found some a javascript fantasy hockey tracker. I’m not sure if this is something that can create a live leaderboard for this, but I really don’t know anything about javascript coding, so if someone who has experience with that can check out this code and let me know if it’s worthwhile (and how to install it), that’d be great.


3 Responses to “Your Crappy Players : Final Lineup”

  1. 1 Sherry

    Wow, when I pick ’em crappy, I sure pick ’em REAL crappy šŸ˜›

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    That’s the beauty of this competition. I think it’s less about winning and more about marvelling at the awesome picks.

  3. 3 vakfan

    are there any bonus points for an extra crappy haircut?

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