Dubious records


Longest losing streaks to start a season (courtesy Couch Potato Hockey):

11 Games-New York Rangers, 1943-44
7 Games-Montreal Canadiens, 1938-39
7 Games-Chicago Blackhawks, 1947-78
7 Games-Washington Capitals, 1983-84
7 Games-Chicago Blackhawks, 1997-98

The Atlanta Thrashers are crawling into dubious territory with a 4-0 shutout loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. One more regulation loss and they tie a dubious second-place record most recently accomplished by the 97-98 Hawks:

10/1/1997 at Phoenix Coyotes 2 – 6
10/4/1997 at San Jose Sharks 2 – 3
10/9/1997 Tampa Bay Lightning 1 – 4
10/10/1997 at Dallas Stars 0 – 7
10/13/1997 at Phoenix Coyotes 1 – 2
10/15/1997 Washington Capitals 0 – 2
10/17/1997 St. Louis Blues 0 – 2

Atlanta’s next five games are at home against the New York Rangers, then four on the road against Tampa Bay, Toronto, Nashville, and Chicago. The Thrashers have some luck on their side in that Marian Hossa’s back from an early injury and the Rangers are in a bit of a funk. However, they’ve got a long road trip ahead. If the Thrashers lose all of those games, they’ll have tied the worst start in NHL history with the record-breaking game at Montreal.

Unfortunately for Thrashers fans, this next streak will make or break the season. Don’t believe me? Ask St. Louis about last season.

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Bob Hartley was just fired. The good news is that teams usually win their first game under a new coach, so maybe these Thrashers won’t be making history. As for who’ll take over behind the bench, let the rumors begin.


One Response to “Dubious records”

  1. 1 Loser Chris

    How long before the Thrashers start shopping Hossa? Might as well try to get a package of young talent for him and start rebuilding now.

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