Crappy Player Pick ‘Em lineup


We’ve got a great turnout for this year’s Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. This is the lineup for our little exhibition:

Mike (me!): Chris Gratton
Kyle: Ian Laperriere
Danny: Pascal Dupuis
Andrew: Radek Bonk
Mike: Yanic Perreault
James Mirtle: Eric Belanger
Rob: Chris Clark
Ron: Alexei Ponikarovsky
Gary: Aaron Asham
RudyKelly: Derek Armstrong
Alanah: Matt Cooke
Bryce: Jon Sim
Jeremy: Manny Malhotra
Earl Sleek: Sammy Pahlsson
Steve: Jed Ortmeyer
Matt: Nik Antropov
PB: Niko Kapanen
The Forechecker: Vern Fiddler
Sherry: Curtis Brown
Ninja: Boyd Devereaux
Drew: Jason Chimera

Vakfan (Southern Bohemian Hockey) picked Jaroslav Hlinka but I’m making an executive decision to disqualify him since he hasn’t played an NHL game before. Vakfan, go ahead and make another pick if you want.

If I missed your pick, leave a note in the comments. Also, if you still want in, I’ll give a grace period of Tuesday night; just leave a comment with your pick. After then, I’ll create a new leaderboard over on the right side of this blog.

Finally, I’m still looking for any sort of widget that might be able to track these players’ stats in real time. Right now, I’m just planning on updating the HTML code by hand periodically, but it’d be cool if there was something that could automatically display them. Anyone know of any sort of fantasy tracking widget?


4 Responses to “Crappy Player Pick ‘Em lineup”

  1. 1 vakfan

    Mark Smith, Calgary Flames. That should be crappy enough to qualify!

  2. 2 Bryce

    My pick, Sim,is out for the year.

    Since it’s still very early in the year, can I get a little Blair Betts?

  3. 3 jake

    I think we could add the entire ducks roster to the list.

    Jake Fisher

  4. 4 Mike Chen

    Bryce, no problem.

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