This is My NHL? Yikes


A quick scan across the NHL scoreboard yesterday showed that there were 12 games on the slate. Of those 12 games, 7 games scored under four goals. Including the 8-2 ass-whooping of the Canucks by Philly, the average goals-per-game for yesterday’s matches was 4.4. Taking that out of the equation (and I’m sure Alanah’s trying to erase it from the history books), and the goals-per-game drops to 3.9.

Look, I’ve usually been one of the first people to defend the whole “scoring chance over goals” theory when it comes to excitement, but this season’s lack of goal scoring has been noticable in this early year. The weird thing is that the players SEEM faster on the ice (and I don’t know if it’s because the jerseys are slimmer and it’s a visual trick), but my unquantified observations look like:

-Shot blocking is better
-Penalty killing is better and/or power plays are looking awful
-Goalies are coming up with more ridiculous saves
-Defense is better (except in Toronto)

Of the dozen or so games I’ve seen so far this season, it seems like a lot of teams have cloned Roberto Luongo, and a lot of teams have borrowed the last-place Chicago power play playbook from last season. Maybe a lot of teams are still fiddling with their chemistry, but it just looks like a lot of teams are disjointed still. I think of when Homer Simpson was mad at bad TV shows and said, “Stupid TV. Be more funny!” I’d like to reach through my ugly non-HD screen and grab the players to say, “Stupid offenses. Be better passers and shooters!”

All I know is that even with all this, I STILL don’t support the whole bigger nets thing.


2 Responses to “This is My NHL? Yikes”

  1. 1 Peter

    I never thought bigger nets were a good idea until I watched this video. 3 of the 4 goals scored were on shots that rarely score anymore. I really think it would open the game up if a 20-30 foot shot had a reasonable chance of scoring unlike today when taking the shot almost doesn’t make sense.

    50 goals

  2. 2 OddyOh

    Make the goalie equipment smaller…yes, even smaller than it is now. Make it 1970’s small.

    Teams power plays will get going…just give em time.

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