My bad on Crappy Player rules


Ok, so my goofy little contest has ruffled a few feathers with the way the rules were selected. To everyone participating — MY BAD on this one. I didn’t really think out the logistics too far ahead (I guess that’s why I’m not the commish in any fantasy leagues). When I finally realized a good guideline to balance points, games played, injury-skewed seasons, etc., well, some of you already made your pick, and because of that, it’s biting a few people in the ass.

Again, my bad. But, like David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks, this is only an exhibition — no wagering please. So please, if your pick’s been screwed over by this, just bear with us for this year and join in the fun. I promise next year I’ll actually think things out (rather than have my friend remind me that I have to set it up again and put up a knee-jerk reaction post).

But hey, it is actually a little more sorted out than last year. I think last year it was basically based on a judgment call and good-faith picks. At least we have SOME rules this year! But seriously, just have a laugh with it and slog me later for being dumb enough to pick Chris Gratton.


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