Ok, for real this time: Crappy Player Pick ‘Em


Upon soliciting the wisdom of Mirtle, Golbez, and a few others, I’ve come up with the actual rules for this competition:

1) Players must have a career point average of less than 45 points per season.
2) Player must be a forward that’s 27 or older. As Mirtle points out, if you’re still getting 30-40 points at that age, you’re a lifelong plugger.
3) Player has to be making $2 million or less (this is updated from $1.5 million — I checked and there’s a lot of crappy players making $1.9, so I opened it up to some flexibility). To check, go to NHL Numbers.
4) We’ll be judging total points (goals + assists). Tiebreakers will be goals.
5) Make your pick by leaving a comment in this post. Players are picked on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if someone snags Radek Bonk

As an example, last season’s players included such superstars as Todd Marchant, Wayne Primeau, Chad Kilger, and Dan Hinote. Remeber, this pool’s really more about making a stupid pick and laughing at each other rather than serious competition, so my suggestion is to go with a crappy player you’ve got a soft spot for. Why do I get the feeling that Alanah and Golbez will have a drinking contest to take Matt Cooke?

I’m throwing the gauntlet down by making the first pick with perreniel underachiever and three-time Tampa Bay Lightning not-so-superstar Chris Gratton with a $1.5 million salary and a career points average of 44.3. Take that, last year’s champion Boltsmag!

Oh, and I’m still looking for any advice on web widgets that might be able to grab automatically individual player statistics for the leaderboard. Leave a comment if you know of any.

Update: Just to clear it up, this is open to anyone, not just bloggers.

Update 2: More clarification — calculate your player’s average points by taking career points, divide by total games played, then multiply by 82 games per season. In mathematical terms:

Points per season = (career points/total games played) x 82 games per season

That eliminates any skewing due to injury.

Update 3: The list so far…
Mike (me!): Chris Gratton
Kyle: Ian Laperriere
Danny (Battle of Pennsylvania): Pascal Dupuis
Andrew: Radek Bonk
Mike (Shaved Ice): Yanic Perreault
James Mirtle: Eric Belanger
Rob (RotoRob): Chris Clark
Jes Golbez: Andrew Brunette
Ron: Bryan Smolinski
Gary: Aaron Asham
RudyKelly (Battle of California): Derek Armstrong


32 Responses to “Ok, for real this time: Crappy Player Pick ‘Em”

  1. 1 Jes Gőlbez

    Matt Cooke – I’m not a fan of him. Alanah can have him all he wants.

    OK, I’ll go for .. Mike Knuble!

    10 Seasons in the NHL and 327 points = 32.7 points per season

    Salary is in range…w00t

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    Kyle tells me he is picking Ian Laperriere with a career average of 32 points per season and a salary of $1 million.

  3. 3 Danny

    If anyone can Join I want it with Pascal Dupuis

  4. 4 Mike Chen

    Danny, it’s open to anyone, so you’re down for Pascal Dupuis

  5. 5 andrew

    Hey Mike, is it only open to bloggers? If so, it’s cool…if not, I totally got dibs on Bonk.

  6. 6 Mike

    I’ll take Yanic Perreault- one of the greatest faceoff men ever. Too bad he only cracked 50 pts three times in a 12 year career.

  7. 7 James Mirtle

    Knuble makes $2.8-million

  8. 8 RotoRob

    I’ll grab Chris Clark: 31 years old, average season totals of 38 points per year, $1.1M salary

  9. 9 James Mirtle

    I’ll take Eric Belanger from Minnesota.

  10. 10 Jes Gőlbez

    If not Knuble, then Andrew Brunette

    Salary = $1,600,000
    11 seasons – 490 points. Average = 44.54 per season

  11. 11 Ron Beal

    I’ll take Bryan Smolinski.

  12. 12 Gary

    Well, Daigle can’t be found anywhere, so I have to go with Arron Asham, NJD. He always flew just under the bar while on the Isles. Where’s Marius Czerkawski when you need him!

  13. 13 RudyKelly

    I’m still with Derek Armstrong, if only because it’ll keep me from murdering him.

  14. 14 Jeremy

    Oh, I long for the days of Steve Kasper!
    I’ll take Chris Clark while his salary still fits within the rules.

  15. 15 Mike Chen

    Jeremy, Chris Clark was taken already by Rob Blackstein, and since he’s my editor at RotoRob, I’ve gotta bend to his wishes. Pick another one, plenty of 3rd/4th liners to choose from!

  16. 16 alanah


    Thank god I get another shot at this contest… I completely blew my pick last year. But with Cooke, I’m definitely gonna be the winner! 🙂

  17. 17 Bryce

    How bout sum Jon Sim

    about 25 points per season, 32 years old, raking in 1 mil.

  18. 18 Jeremy

    My bad.
    I’ll have to take Manny “someone’s got to center the first line” Malhotra, then.

  19. 19 Gautham Ganesan

    I’ll go for Ryan Malone, Mike.

  20. 20 James Mirtle

    Brunette has averaged 56.9 points per 82 games played.

  21. 21 James Mirtle

    Smolinski’s also well over the point limit.

  22. 22 Ron Beal

    Damn that new math! Ok change my pick to Alexei Ponikarovsky.

  23. 23 Earl Sleek

    I don’t plan on winning, but with the criteria as they are, how could I NOT say Sammy Pahlsson?

  24. 24 Steve

    Jed Ortmeyer, baby!

  25. 25 Matt

    I want Nik Antropov. Age 27, 2007-08 wage $1.95M, (191/376)*82 = 41.7.

  26. 26 PB

    If we’re using NHL career numbers:

    I pick Niko Kapanen. His salary is shy of $1M (why quibble over $100,000?), he’s 29 years old and he hasn’t scored above 35 points while wearing a NHL sweater.


  27. 27 The Forechecker

    I’ll take Vern Fiddler please, he of the $800K salary and the middling career offensive numbers…

  28. 28 Sherry

    I probably would have gone with Dean McAmmond if it weren’t for whats-his-face but I’ll go with Curtis Brown of the Sharks if he’s still available. 31, $700,000, averages about 34 points.

  29. 29 ninja

    Boyd Devereaux. 27 pts career high in 99-00. Atleast 40 points this year. Born in 1978.

  30. 30 vakfan

    Jaroslav Hlinka please.

  31. 31 Drew

    Seems like more folks are putting their picks here instead of the original post, and I want to make sure my super pick of Jason Chimera doesn’t get overlooked.

  32. 32 Nicky Robinson

    How about Sergei Brylin

    Born in ’74 – plenty old enough

    293 pts / 688 games * 82 = 34.9 per season

    Salary: $1,520,000

    Hey, I can dream, right? Go Sasha, go!!

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