Return of the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em


Update: Please read this post for updates rules.

It’s that time of year again — time to pit your favorite 3rd/4th liner against someone else’s favorite 3rd/4th liner to see who’s the best of the worst! Here are the (loose) rules:

1) Player must be a forward who scored less than 45 points last year
2) Player has to be making LESS than the average salary ($1.5 million). To check, go to NHL Numbers.
3) We’ll be judging total points (goals + assists). Tiebreakers will be goals.
4) There may be some logistical rules I’m forgetting. As this is, as David Letterman would say, just an exhibition done mostly to laugh at each other, let’s be flexibile at my poor GM skills.

Last year’s winner was John from Boltsmag with Eric Perrin. He won illustrious bragging rights
and a cash prize of $0.00.

To participate, leave a comment in the post. Players are picked on a first come, first serve basis, so if you just HAVE to have Curtis Brown, be quick!

Also, for any web coding whizzes out there, are there any modules or widgets that pull a player’s stats automatically from an RSS feed? That’d make updating the standings way easier.

Oh, and try to get your picks in by October 10th.


11 Responses to “Return of the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em”

  1. 1 Jes Gőlbez

    I’ll go with Jeff Carter

  2. 2 James Mirtle

    What are the rules here? I’ll take Corey Perry if it’s just someone who didn’t have 45 points and makes under $1.5-million.

  3. 3 Mike

    I’d be tough with all the kids not making much money. I’d almost want a restriction for the player to be over 26 or 27, so we can have a more accurate salary number.

  4. 4 JPFDeuce

    I’m still living large knowing I pwnz3d with P3rr1n last seeason. “All your base belong to me” and all that jazz.

    Crappy player this year, hmmm…. Right now I am drawing a blank but ffear not! John will have his pick soon enough!

  5. 5 RudyKelly

    Does Derek Armstrong count? His salary this year is $1.4 Mil, but his cap hit is $1.5. He is crappy, though, so I think he should still count.

  6. 6 Earl Sleek

    Wait, are the rules different from last year? I thought we were trying to pick the guy with the least points (the crappy player). Was I wrong all of last year rooting on Friesen’s uselessness?

  7. 7 andrew

    That hurts Chen, I happen to own a Curtis Brown sweater. Aw crap, I can’t believe I just admitted it…

    I call Radek Bonk!

  8. 8 Freeptop

    I’ll take Erik Christensen. He’s making $750k, the reports are showing him as a third line player right now, and he only had 33 points last season.

  9. 9 Mike Chen

    Hey everyone, I’ve posted updated rules to clarify the age confusion:

  10. 10 Patrick C

    What if Forsberg plays only 5-10 season games and signs for league min?

    Can I pick little Joe? Not sure what line he will end up on.

  11. 11 Drew

    I’ll go with Jason Chimera this year. Thanks, Mike!

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