Ding dong, the witch is dead


(Apologies for my flippant attitude here…but I’m approaching this purely from a sports context)

Hey Blackhawks fans, both of you, here’s some good news — Bill Wirtz is no longer calling the shots. Here’s the bad news — he’s dead from cancer. Ok, so feeling good about someone dying isn’t exactly a positive thing, but in a sports context, this can only help the Blackhawks actually enter into the 20th century, let alone the 21st century. Wirtz was, after all, the one behind the twisted logic of NOT broadcasting home games and appealing way too much to the bottom line.

Dollar Bill wasn’t responsible for poor drafting or god-awful trades (Steve Sullivan, I hear you’re a pretty good player after all), but boy did he manage to piss off fans, so much so that there’s a book out about how evil he is. I mean, sweet jebus, ESPN named them the worst franchise in professional sports, and when you combine that with the huge amount of fan apathy and countless stupid marketing decisions, well, I can’t say that the ex-Blackhawks fan in me is terribly sad. Onward and upward…

(Again, purely from a sports context. I’m not such a jerk that I didn’t realize that a father, husband, and philanthropist died.)


One Response to “Ding dong, the witch is dead”

  1. 1 Hockey Czarina

    Should make for an interesting season in Chicago at the very least.

    Besides – they aren’t sucking that badly. The Blues have overtaken them for that coveted position.

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