Back in the saddle


I’m still decompressing (re: getting back into “real world” mode) from a pretty fun honeymoon down the California coast, including several days in Anaheim. Some random thoughts:

-Sighted: one Blackhawks Tony Amonte jersey with a captain’s C. That was pretty random down at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also, saw one guy in full Hurricanes merchandise in Disneyland. Down at Anaheim? Not a single Ducks thing.

-Also not sighted: Earl Sleek, since our schedules didn’t mesh up together.

-We were planning on going to Ducks’ training camp last Friday to break Chris Pronger’s leg, but fate thwarted out plans as the Ducks had a preseason game against the Kings that day. That meant that there was no open practice at Ducks Ice. Doh.

-I see the new schedule idea’s finally being kicked around. Take a look at what Bob McKenzie is reporting as the new idea and compare it to the idea I posted in v1.0 of this blog.

-I hate the new Sharks jerseys. Well, at least the white ones. The dark teal ones are growing on me and they look much better in person.

-I know Mike Fisher’s one of those intangible guys and he can still put up 20-25 goals, but doesn’t that say something NHL salary inflation when he gets an average of $4 million a year? Just two seasons ago, that was more than players like Jonathan Cheechoo and Erik Cole.

I’ll be writing a lot more in the days to come as I catch up on all the hockey news from the past few days. Until then, I’ll be trying to sell my dreaded preseason tickets.


One Response to “Back in the saddle”

  1. 1 Earl Sleek

    Dang, you came a week too early. I just stumbled on preseason tickets for the Sharks @ Ducks tonight, but shall suffer through it without you.

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