Back in a week


After months of worry and fretting and sweating it out, it’s a done deal and I’ve got a ring on my finger. Unfortunately, it’s not a Stanley Cup ring. It’s time for a drive down the California coast and into enemy territory (Anaheim) where we MAY try to catch a Ducks training camp session and I MAY try to break Chris Pronger’s leg in between Disneyland fun.

Back in a week. Oh, and if you see any YouTube videos of a groom doing Bon Jovi karaoke…that’s not me, I swear.


6 Responses to “Back in a week”

  1. 1 Lyle Richardson

    Congratulations, Mike, on your nuptials. Hope you have a great honeymoon.

  2. 2 Danny

    Way to go Mike, I (and Im sure all the blogosphere) wish you a wonderful honeymoon

  3. 3 Anonymous
  4. 4 hoopsjunky

    Congrats Mike!


    Congrats, have a safe trip.

  6. 6 Stevens8204

    Well ya know Mike…I’m close enough to enemy territory…hell technically I sleep and am married to the enemy….LOL

    Hope the honeymoon and wedding were great.

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