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Over at Taking One For The Team, a number of bloggers have participated in a salary-cap challenge. It’s great when Sidney Crosby costs less than a million — love those rookie contracts! Check out my team and everyone else’s, there are a few constants throughout. Advertisements

I was over at The Hockey News’ website today to see if they had the covers up for the new yearbooks. Didn’t see those in their online catalog, but apparently they’ve started offering a new line of reading material (see last two items): Apparently, Martha Stewart (or Rachael Ray, whichever you prefer) went up to […]

I hate it when the media gets facts wrong, especially when they seem ignorant about hockey. Kukla pointed out this article which makes Mark Bell out to be a DUI-addict who was speeding away gleefully after his accident. Look, Bell’s no angel and what he did was stupid and wrong, but this guy’s article doesn’t […]

It’s the summer doldroms right now, and that’s part of the reason why my posting has been very sporadic. However, I’m also dealing with the whole issue of getting married in a few weeks, and as that gets closer, I’ll probably be posting even less. There’s that whole issue of dealing with logistics and out-of-towners […]

We’re coming to the tail-end of the offseason, and that means that in a few weeks, all of the hockey nerds will be scouring bookstores and news agents to pick up the latest NHL yearbook magazines. I do this partially to prep for my fantasy draft and partially because I love reading all of the […]

I’m a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan but I can’t root for Barry Bonds. Not only has his contract been an albatross on the team (so has ownership decisions and idiot maneuvering from management…but it all centers around him), I can’t respect his achievements, even if we are in a “steroid era.” I haven’t closely […]

If you’re a Tampa Bay Lightning fan (or hell, just a sports fan in general), you may have come across John Fontana’s Boltsmag blog. Well, John’s going to be having a pretty hard-core surgical procedure done, so make sure you take a second to drop by and wish John good luck. Here’s to seeing him […]