A little Florida Panthers math…


For any chemistry/physics/math nerds out there, I’ve summed up the Florida Panthers past two seasons using a variation of Factor Label Method. Unfortunately, Blogger keeps screwing up the graphic so you’ll have to view the direct equation here.

If I was summarizing my calculation on a test answer, I’d say that ultimately when the assets cancel out, the Panthers lost a 1st, 2nd, and 2nd round picks to get Tomas Vokoun, Bryan Allen, conditional picks, $1 million extra in cap space, and they got rid of Mike Keenan. In other words, the chain reaction set off by losing Luongo wasn’t necessarily too bad. Anyways, if you took chemistry or physics in high school or college, check it out, you might get a laugh out of it.


One Response to “A little Florida Panthers math…”

  1. 1 Steven

    Horton and Bouwmeester are the best kept secrets in the NHL. That team will get better, it’s just going to take a little patience.

    I don’t agree with your Keenan (“idiot gm”) assessment. Sure, Iron Mike likes to play fast and swift with the trades. He especially loves to sacrifice youth (offense) for defensive stalwarts but he also is a shrewd tactician. Some people think he traded away all the top Hawk prospects, but aside from Hasek, I can’t really point to 1 Hawk prospect I would have rather he kept (maybe Kravchuk for Murphy wasn’t the best idea, but the Hawks needed scoring).

    Sure the latter part of his career looks awfully suspect, but the early part was quite remarkable including multiple playoff appearances with Philly, Chicago, and St. Louis. Not to mention the cup win in NY.

    He gets a bad rap for a lot, but he’s a proven winner that with the right kind of players always seems to produce results.

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