Cheechoo says, "Whoops!"


Jonathan Cheechoo can’t be a happy camper with the way forwards are getting paid these days. In the middle of the 2005-06 campaign, Cheechoo signed a five-year extension worth $15 mil, or average $3 mil per season. In his past three seasons, he’s had 28, 56, and 37 goals. Pretty darn reliable, huh? Breaking that down, that’s 121 goals in 269 games = .44 goals per game. More specifically, the Sharks are paying Cheechoo $3 million a season to score at a pace of .44 goals per game. Let’s compare with some of the other folks who’ve signed recently:

Scott Hartnell
Past three seasons 65 goals in 204 games
.32 goals per game = $4.2 mil per season

Scott Walker
Past three seasons 51 goals in 189 games
.27 goals per game = $2.5 mil per season

Nathan Horton
Past three seasons 72 goals in 208 games
.35 goals per game = $4 mil per season

Shane Doan
Past three seasons 84 goals in 234 games
.36 goals per game = $4.55 mil per season

And for posterity’s sake, let’s look at some of the guys who are already getting paid more than Cheechoo:

Brian Gionta
Past three seasons 94 goals in 219 games
.43 goals per game = $4 mil per season

Miroslav Satan
Past three seasons 91 goals in 245 games
.37 goals per game = $4.25 mil per season

Simon Gagne
Past three seasons 112 goals in 228 games
.49 goals per game = $5.25 mil per season

Erik Cole
Past three seasons 77 goals in 211 games
.36 goals per game = $4 mil per season

Now granted, Cheechoo signed before he hit 56 goals (I believe he was around the 30 mark if memory serves me correctly) and other stuff like age and injuries comes into play, but still…even before he broke the 50 goal barrier, Cheechoo should have been able to command about $4 million considering his age and durability. I’d say true value right now would be $4.75 per season, but hindsight’s 20/20. Even still, if I’m Cheechoo and I know I can score on average 30-40 goals per season during these negotiations back in 05-06, I’m firing my agent.


2 Responses to “Cheechoo says, "Whoops!"”


    1) There won’t be any Cheechoo benefits necessary, but your point is well taken. Players signing long term deals assume the risk that they may be underpaid by tghe end of the deal.
    2) Ofcourse that works in reverse as sometimes players don’t produce up to expectations and teams are still on the hook. If Cheechoo continues to produce he’ll get a nice pay day in 2 years.
    3) We wonder how a guy like Rick DiPietro of the Isles feels. He gets 4.5 mil, and can’t get a raise until 2021. By then back ups will be paid more than that

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    I remember when the signing happened that I thought he was underpaid even then. He scored 28 goals with Mike Ricci as his center and the Sharks had just gotten Joe Thornton 1-2 months prior, so you had to figure he was good for 30-40 for the next few years. Even with the wacky inflation of the NHL, I’m sure he could have pulled off 3.5-4 at the time. C’est la vie, you know?

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