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If I’m commissioner Gary Bettman and I really want to make a splash that would have corporate sponsors up the wazoo, glitzy celebs, and tons of publicity, I say goodbye to the Crackberries in Hamilton and the free leases in Kansas City, grab my buddy Bill Daly and hit the road for one place… Vegas, […]

It sounds like Daniel Briere is turning down a roughly 5-year, $25 million offer to remain as captain of the Sabres. Let’s all flashback to just about a year ago when Briere was prepared to go to arbitration with the Sabres… From our friends at Sabre Rattling: My hope that Darth Regier and Cap’n Danny […]

TSN’s Darren Dreger reported on some rumors that New York Islanders might try and continue their track record of long-term deals with a seven- or eight- year contract offer to Ryan Smyth (though I suppose that’s a short-term deal for Charles Wang & company). Look, I understand why Ryan Smyth is such a hot commodity […]

For any chemistry/physics/math nerds out there, I’ve summed up the Florida Panthers past two seasons using a variation of Factor Label Method. Unfortunately, Blogger keeps screwing up the graphic so you’ll have to view the direct equation here. If I was summarizing my calculation on a test answer, I’d say that ultimately when the assets […]

Scorched earth


Holy crap… The Nashville Predators have traded goaltender Tomas Vokoun to the Florida Panthers for a first-round pick and two second-round picks. Nashville fans, you guys have my sympathies. This is totally playing out like Major League. Where’s Pedro Cerrano when you need him?

…well, I won’t personally be live blogging the draft, but you should check out The Battle of New York. Steve, the blog’s resident Devils fan, will be starting up around 3:30 PST/6:30 EST and going on through the draft. Here’s a picture of Steve hard at work: And for all your Columbus-related draft news, including […]

Jonathan Cheechoo can’t be a happy camper with the way forwards are getting paid these days. In the middle of the 2005-06 campaign, Cheechoo signed a five-year extension worth $15 mil, or average $3 mil per season. In his past three seasons, he’s had 28, 56, and 37 goals. Pretty darn reliable, huh? Breaking that […]