Rawk the Puck FINAL!


First off, my Stanley Cup Final prediction is here. Canadian fans, rejoyce! California fans, feel my betrayal!

The bruises, the aches, the broken hearts — after weeks of battling between good music and some admittedly awful music, it all comes down to this: a seven-game series (in the form of a voting widget and snarky panelists) for the JABS Memorial Cup. Who will win and who will go home with Motley Crue, GWAR, and Nashville Pussy? As Optimus Prime once said, “One shall stand. One shall fall.” Vote early, vote often, all the way through next week.

For anyone who needs a trip down memory lane, here are the previous results:

Western Quarters
Eastern Quarters
Conference Semis
Conference Finals

#2 New Jersey Devils vs. #5 San Jose Sharks
Representing New Jersey: Bright Eyes, Devil Town

Representing San Jose: School of Fish, 3 Strange Days

Rawk the Puck FINAL!
Bright Eyes, Devil Town
School of Fish, 3 Strange Days
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For anyone who feels the need to indie rock it Senators style, our panelist Sherry put together this awesome video of Sens highlights to a badass Muse song.


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