What’s Swedish for redemption?


A quick gander around Google shows that the past few years have not been kind when Daniel Alfredsson and the word “Captain” have been put together (quotes are kept in tact, so the grammar and spelling are theirs, not mine):

They also laughed at me when they saw my Alfredsson jersey, and said that he would never be like Scott Stevens and that he was a terrible captain. (SensNation)

I just don’t get how Sundin can be a worse capatin than ALFREDSSON. (Hockey Trade Rumors)

I think alfredsson is a terrible captain. I don’t think a captain has to be physical at all, or ever fight..but I really don’t think he has the leadership… (WowHockey)

On another note Alfredson is a bad captain and a complete ass… (WowHockey)

And for all those who think Alfredsson is soft, not clutch, or a bad leader, this year’s playoffs have shown that the long-maligned Senators captain indeed does have another gear. Check out these Conn Smyth-worthy stats:

15 GP, 10G + 7A = 17 Points, +7, 4 Game-Winning Goals

You can’t change the past, but you can make up for it by stepping up now and in future playoff games. Here’s the shot that currently stands as Alfredsson’s defining moment.


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