Sabre or Shark?


Awful power plays. Shots not getting through. Frustrated coaches. Bad turnovers. Suicidal fans.

Hey, is it the Buffalo Sabres or San Jose Sharks? Here’s eight quotes — four from each team. Can you guess whether it’s Sabre or Shark?

A) We’re one of the best road teams in the league.

B) Somehow we have to … put these games behind us and move forward.

C) We had some tremendous streaks during the regular season and we’re going to have to put one together now.

D) We need one good period to start and from there two periods and then hopefully a win.

E) Hopefully we learned a lesson. We have to play the same way for 60 minutes.

F) It would have been nice if we were able to chip in with the power play. You get a lot of opportunities, and you don’t score. You are letting your other teammates down.

G) The guys who are out there need to get the job done. They are going to have to fight their way through it.

H) We’re in a situation now that we can’t do anything about, so we just need to go out and prove that we’re the best team.


A) Sabre (Lindy Ruff)

B) Shark (Kyle McLaren)

C) Sabre (Lindy Ruff)

D) Sabre (Chris Drury)

E) Shark (Marcel Goc)

F) Shark (Jonathan Cheechoo)

G) Shark (Ron Wilson)

H) Sabre (Derek Roy)

Calculate your score and figure out your rank!

0: Mark “Last Call” Bell
1: Adam “I Can Score Double Digit Goals Too!” Mair
2: Milan “My Speed Disappears In The Playoffs” Michalek
3: Maxim “How Can I Piss Off Lindy Today?” Afinogenov
4: Patrick “I Was Great In Last Year’s Playoffs” Marleau
5: Chris “Don’t You Dare Show The Little League World Series Footage” Drury
6: Joe “Maybe I Should Shoot More” Thornton
7: Daniel “Hello Free Agency!” Briere
8: Evgeni Nabokov/Ryan Miller AKA The Goalies Who Get No Support


2 Responses to “Sabre or Shark?”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Lifelong sabres/sharks fan here. yes I love two teams equally…and yes, this playoff season has once again shown that my misery knows no bounds.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Sabres had a great team this year:
    President’s Cup winners somehow seem to disapoint, but history shows that they will be strong for years to come!


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