The OT verdict is in (from me, anyways)…


I tried to be open-minded about it. I tried to figure that if Lindy Ruff and Martin Brodeur were behind it, it couldn’t be that bad. I gave it a good week to think it over.

Screw it. 4-on-4 overtime in the playoffs is just stupid. I sat through an OT game live and watched a few on TV, and try as I might to wrap my head around the concept that is being floated around, I really do hate it. Playoff contests shouldn’t be resolved by a gimmick, and that’s all that the NHL would be getting if that happened. Any Stanley Cup won in a 4-on-4 OT situation would feel cheapened (unless, of course, it was there because of penalties).

Sorry, Lindy, Martin, and Brendan Shanahan. I tried to be open-minded and listen to the idea, but it’s really just wrong in so many ways. For the sake of the game, don’t push it any further, ok?

Off topic, don’t forget to vote for Conference Final Rawk the Puck: Indie Rock vs. Classic Rock. The Devils may have been eliminated by the Sens, but they live on in Van Halen form in this little contest.


One Response to “The OT verdict is in (from me, anyways)…”

  1. 1 OddyOh

    Couldn’t agree more…overtime is the NHL’s most exciting situation. To take that away just to please NBC and horse racing-fans is stupid, and unacceptable. Especially since you know they’d make it 4-on-4, and then the next season they’d go to the shootout. No way…not now, not ever!

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