Dial-A-Cliche, California/New York version


(Bonus points to anyone who knows who sang Dial-A-Cliche)

First off, don’t forget to vote in the Rawk the Puck Conference Finals. It’s Indie Rock vs. Classic Rock in a battle that kinda, sorta has something to do with hockey.

Speaking of battles, we’re gearing up for Game 5 of the Rangers/Sabres series tonight and the Sharks/Red Wings series tomorrow. I haven’t read any pre-game quotes from any of the teams yet, but I’ve got a good hunch that we’ll be hearing the following:

“The pressure is on them as the home team to win in front of their fans.” -Rangers/Sharks

“We’ve got momentum on our side.” -Red Wings/Rangers

“There’s no such thing as momentum.” -Sabres/Sharks

“We’ve just gotta get back to playing our style of hockey for a full 60 minutes.” -Sabres/Sharks

“They’re a really good team and we respect that. We just have to play our game.” -All teams

“We know that we haven’t played our best game yet.” Red Wings/Sharks/Sabres

So, what happens in Game 5? Simple — one team wins and has a chance to win it in Game 6. At this point, fans of all four teams can’t be totally sure about what they’re going to get because each team has looked like Cup champs for stretches and like beer-league losers for stretches. So, my extremely bold (ha!) prediction is that one of these series goes to 6 and the other goes to 7. As for who, your guess (or Maggie the Monkey’s guess) is as good as mine.


2 Responses to “Dial-A-Cliche, California/New York version”

  1. 1 Michael

    Dial A Cliche was done by Morrissey. Now gimmee my bonus points!

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    You’ve earned good karma points to give to any remaining playoff team of your choice! Please give kindly to the Sharks.

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