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Ask Doug Wilson


First off, don’t forget to vote in the Rawk the Puck final! It’s today’s indie rock vs. yesterday’s modern rock in a battle for, um, elusive bragging rights. Thanks to my gig, I’ll be following up my post-playoff analysis of the Sharks with an interview with GM Doug Wilson (thanks also to the Sharks […]

Going incognito


I’ve got to deal with some personal and business issues over the next few days, so I’ll be noticeably absent from the hockey blogosphere. However, there’s more than enough Ducks/Sens coverage out there by some outstanding bloggers. Check these blogs out to kill some time during your workday: Senators Coverage Battle of Ontario Five for […]

First off, my Stanley Cup Final prediction is here. Canadian fans, rejoyce! California fans, feel my betrayal! The bruises, the aches, the broken hearts — after weeks of battling between good music and some admittedly awful music, it all comes down to this: a seven-game series (in the form of a voting widget and snarky […]

Life imitates art, and Rawk the Puck has gone through the law of diminishing voters just as the NHL’s TV ratings have dropped. Still, we soldier on because it’s not about number of votes or ratings — it’s about the championship! Who will rise to the occasion and battle for the JABS Memorial Cup? The […]

A quick gander around Google shows that the past few years have not been kind when Daniel Alfredsson and the word “Captain” have been put together (quotes are kept in tact, so the grammar and spelling are theirs, not mine): They also laughed at me when they saw my Alfredsson jersey, and said that he […]

Paul Kukla just posted some disturbing news from Ottawa: Sean Luck said his wife, Renee Luck, who was wearing Buffalo Sabres colours and logos, was walking in front of him through the corridors of Scotiabank Place as they tried to leave the stadium with about six other Sabres fans. “Two guys that were clearing the […]

Sabre or Shark?


Awful power plays. Shots not getting through. Frustrated coaches. Bad turnovers. Suicidal fans. Hey, is it the Buffalo Sabres or San Jose Sharks? Here’s eight quotes — four from each team. Can you guess whether it’s Sabre or Shark? A) We’re one of the best road teams in the league. B) Somehow we have to […]