Hey America, did you see that?


For what it’s worth, I really hope NBC gets a decent rating for today’s broadcasts of Pittsburgh/Ottawa and NYR/Atlanta. I mostly watched Pitt/Ott, but flipped between both games and they really were fantastic. Great hitting, great passion, just a fast, brutal, passionate pace to both games. Crosby, Malkin, and co. really showcased their stuff, and it was probably the perfect type of game to really demonstrate just how good NHL hockey can be. Even my fiance, who’s a Sharks fan more than a hockey fan, was enthralled by it, especially when the hitting picked up in the second period. Let’s just hope people watched it.


5 Responses to “Hey America, did you see that?”

  1. 1 Sterling VanDerwerker

    You are right. Even I enjoyed watching my two most disliked teams go at it. Fast action, physical, great shooting skills and pretty good goaltending by both men.

    If NBC got some channel surfers, they couldnt resist malkin-crosby and the Comry clash and firepower of the Senabores. Nothing like a small forward with an attitude to get some attention.

    Go Wings GO!

  2. 2 hockeysux

    Dude, hockey HAS to be the dumbest sport in the world. I hate it, I don’t get it, and it really is not exciting in the least. I’d rather watch damn soccer than hockey, really. What the heck do you knuckle heads get out of the stupid game anyway??

  3. 3 Anonymous

    I agree. It really is a horrible sport. Ban it!

  4. 4 Anonymous

    Ha ha, someone finally said it. Keep that trash in Canada!

  5. 5 Anonymous

    Hey, put a puck in my keester, cause this is a homo sport!!

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