Day 1 thoughts/Rawk the Puck East Voting


First off, remember you can still vote on the Western Rawk the Puck matchups. Voting is open till whenever I cut it off over the weekend. Eastern matchups are below…

As for last night’s games, here’s some random thoughts:

  • As crappy as it was to lose Jonathan Cheechoo (still no word on the MRI as of 12:30 PST), I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t Patrick Marleau or Joe Thornton. The Sharks have so much depth on the wing that any number of players can help fill the gap for the time being. Let’s just hope that it looked worse than it actually is.
  • That darned Vancouver goalie proved once again that he is Luon-God. Mike Keenan claims that he couldn’t have signed him no matter what, and there are rumors that he clashed with Jacque Martin, but seriously, how bad does that deal look now?
  • How fired up were the Senators last night? When Mike Comrie of all people starts flying with the hits, you know they’re jacked up. Still, I’m guessing the young Penguins will learn their lessons pretty fast and be much better for game 2.
  • Here’s a suggestion to anyone using Tivo — remember always to buffer your recording in case of overtime and make sure that you’ve got enough disk space so that your monster 6 hour recording doesn’t get deleted right away for other scheduled programs. Otherwise, you’ll feel dumb like me.

Here are your Rawk the Puck Eastern Conference matchups. Results will be posted on Tuesday, along with our panelist’s sarcastic comments. GWAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Islanders
Representing Buffalo: Peter Murphy, Cuts You Up
Representing New York: The Beatles, Long Long Long

Rawk the Puck! Eastern Quarters
Peter Murphy, Cuts You Up
The Beatles, Long Long Long free polls

New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
Representing New Jersey: Spinal Tap, Hell Hole
Representing Tampa Bay: Lightning Seeds, Pure

Rawk the Puck! Eastern Quarters
Spinal Tap, Hell Hole
Lightning Seeds, Pure free polls

Atlanta Thrashers vs. New York Rangers
Representing Atlanta: Neil Young, Thrasher
Representing NYR: Interpol, NYC

Rawk the Puck! Eastern Quarters
Neil Young, Thrasher
Interpol, NYC free polls

Ottawa Senators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Representing Ottawa: Fountains of Wayne, Senator‘s Daughter
Representing Pittsburgh: GWAR, Penguin Attack!

Rawk the Puck! Eastern Quarters
Fountains of Wayne, Senator’s Daughter
GWAR, Penguin Attack! free poll

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