And the least crappy player is…


Yes, the season’s come and gone, and sure, Sidney Crosby may have won the Art Ross trophy, but the ONLY competition that matters is the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em. Well, I suppose it didn’t matter THAT much because I got lazy about keeping the leaderboard up (anyone know of any sort of widget that can pull live player data like that? Hunting down every guy’s stats was a REAL pain in the ass). In any case, we had a number of tight races at the end. Ian Laperierre and Manny Malhotra both made a push up the standings, and Stephane Yelle had a noble return from injury. In the end, though, no one could get past Eric Perrin. In fact, somewhere around December, Perrin decided to STOP being crappy and start being, you know, kinda good. Bolts fans know that Perrin was a valuable penalty killer and put up some pretty big time goals. This type of quality may disqualify Perrin from being recognized as crappy next season.

At the bottom of the leaderboard, Erik Rasmussen made a valiant effort to try and claw out of the basement, but Jeff Friesen‘s whopping 12 points made that all but impossible. You know, I was just looking through an old Hockey News yearbook from 98-99 and Bob McKenzie picked Friesen as his second-line left winger for the team that he’d like to build around. Whoops.

So John from Boltsmag, congratulations — way to recognize the diamond in the rough! For everyone else, stay tuned for next season’s version of the Crappy Player Pick ‘Em…hopefully with more defined rules, regular updates, and maybe even a prize!


3 Responses to “And the least crappy player is…”

  1. 1 Jim D.

    Curses! I knew I wasn’t going to catch Perrin, but I thought Chad would be able to hang on to second. Oh well, it was fun to play along with it anyway!


    1) Geez what happened to Friesen’s career?!? 5-6 years ago he seemed he’d be a fixture as an allstar, now he isn’t a good 4th liner!
    2) He plays like he’s on Prozac. Any GM who offers this stiff an NHL contract for next season should immediately be tested for illegal substances!

  3. 3 JPFDeuce

    To quote Johnny Drama…


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