Rawk the Puck 07 — Meet the Panelists


It’s the eve-eve-eve of the Stanley Cup playoffs and that can only mean one thing — it’s time to RAWK THE PUCK! Yes, it’s the second installment of the annual hockey/music crossover that is really too convoluted and silly to fully describe, but I’m going to try my best anyways. If you’re new to RAWK THE PUCK or simply want to refresh your memory on last season’s excitement, check it out over at the JABS archives.

Here’s the basic rules:

  • Songs will be picked to represent playoff teams. The song associations can be location-based, title-based, or even a play on words. Don’t worry, I’ll put in an explanation for each choice. Again, only playoff teams, so no songs by Boston, Chicago, or LA Guns. Of Montreal, well, you can thank the Habs for crashing and burning their way out of RAWK THE PUCK. (Yeah, yeah, specific song titles will work too, so they’re not TOTALLY eliminated)
  • Songs will be matched up against each other based on playoff brackets.
  • Songs will advanced based on YOUR votes (there will be a voting widget) and the votes of our illustrious panel. So who advances has nothing to do with the real Stanley Cup playoffs, that’s just the basis for the setup.
  • The winning team will be awarded the Chris Young JABS Memorial Cup. I’m sure I’ll really confuse the actual team’s PR crew when I tell them about it.

In a nutshell, listen to the audio/video clips I’ll post, vote, and read the snarky comments by our panelists. And as David Letterman would say, remember, this is just an exhibition. No wagering please.

And with that out of the way, let’s meet our panel of hockey blogging all-stars…

Mike Chen (me!), Mike Chen’s Hockey Blog
Favorite bands: Pulp, Blur, Ladytron, Smiths/Morrissey, Tanya Donelly, INXS (Michael Hutchence only), David Bowie, U2 (only up to Pop)
Best concert you ever saw: Either Blur at SF’s Great American Music Hall or Belly & Catherine Wheel at Palo Alto’s The Edge. Jewel of all people actually opened for them before she got famous and I thought she was bloody awful.
Favorite hockey player: Past: Wayne Gretzky. Present: Vincent Lecavalier
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Ian Curtis or Michael Hutchence

Chris Young, JABS (defunct) and Big Wig Editor Guy at the Toronto Star
Favorite bands: All-time: David Bowie; Last few years: Spoon; Right now: Of Montreal.
Best concert you ever saw: The Clash, Feb. 2, 1979, at the Rex Greek Theatre on the Danforth in Toronto.
Favorite hockey player: Frank Mahovlich.
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Alanah McGinley, Canucks & Beyond
Favorite bands: (today’s answer. this changes!) Aimee Mann; The Cure; Roxy Music
Best concert you ever saw: Long John Baldry. Every time.
Favorite hockey player: Matt Cooke (current); Wayne Gretzky (past)
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Madonna’s 1980s career

The Acid Queen, Sweet Tea, Barbecue, and Body Checks
Favorite bands: Rush, Great Big Sea, Tyr, Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Police, New Model Army
Best concert you ever saw: Rush at Alltel Pavilion on the “Vapor Trails” tour. It was hot and humid, but it was on the 4th of July and the boys kicked ass and it was worth the 20 years I’d waited to see Rush live.
Favorite hockey player: Marek Malik (He’s even enshrined on my license plate!)
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: John Bonham. Zep would have gone about 10 more years and had a few more kickass albums if he hadn’t died.

Sherry, Scarlett Ice
Favorite bands: Muse, Interpol, Portishead, Spoon, Damien Rice, Editors, Mellowdrone, Aqualung, Feist, Keren Ann…to name a few.
Best concert you ever saw: It’s a toss-up between Feist at Harbourfront on Canada Day and Muse at The Docks. Mostly because the Feist concert was free and it was out by the water. Muse always puts on a stellar show but I got kicked in the head at that concert so that kind of decreased the awesomeness of it a little.
Favorite hockey player: Of all time is Steve Yzerman. Currently it’s the whole Senators squad because Wade Redden used to be my favourite on that team but not even I’m able to defend his play anymore.
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Elliot Smith. I think we’d have a lot to talk about.

David, Matching Minors
Favorite bands: so many . . . the Clash, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Archers of Loaf, Beastie Boys, the Minutemen, Ben Folds & Mason Jennings to name a few.
Best concert you ever saw: Spearhead — great performance
Favorite hockey player: Scott Stevens, if it has to be an active player, I’d say Martin Brodeur.
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Shakespeare, I mean Jimi Hendrix

Carla MacDonald, Our Lady of Perpetual Hell
Favorite bands: X, The Flesh Eaters, Imperial Teen, The Replacements, Sloan, The Wannadies
Best concert you ever saw: Lou Reed – University of Buffalo, free outdoor show circa 1987
Favorite hockey player: Gary Roberts
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: Bobby Darin

Greg, The Post Pessimist & contributor to Hockey Rants
Favorite bands: Steve Earle, Die Kreuzen, Son Volt, Slobberbone, the Hold Steady, Wilco, the Rolling Stones, Unsane
Best concert you ever saw: Rocket From the Crypt and Superchunk, Tucson, 1993
Favorite hockey player: Milan Hejduk
Artist you’d most like to resurrect: John Coltrane

So there are your panelists. On Wednesday, I’ll post the Western Conference song matchups and on Thursday, I’ll post the Eastern Conference song matchups, and voting will take place over the next few days. Sound like fun?


3 Responses to “Rawk the Puck 07 — Meet the Panelists”

  1. 1 Carla

    ‘The winning team will be awarded the Chris Young JABS Memorial Cup.’

    Eww. I hope cy at least washed it before he gave it to you. *shivers*

  2. 2 Mike Chen

    Like I said, let’s see the faces of the team’s PR department when they hear about this!

  3. 3 cy

    joe strummer spat on me during White Riot at the end of that concert. i’ve never bathed since. the JABS Memorial Cup might as well be anthrax.

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