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For all of you dedicated students out there (hello Christy and Sherry!), Ron Wilson wants to give you motivation to keep studying: You never know. Like, if Brian Burke and I didn’t flunk chemistry, would we be doctors? We were pre-med. Lesson of the day? Fail your core classes, become an influential hockey person! Why […]

First off, we’re skating a little short-handed this round as David is too busy with newborn twins to listen to Sebastian Bach, and Chris had a lower-body injury that allowed him to vote, but not get in the snark. There’s always the conference finals, though! Don’t forget to check out how we got here in […]

We’ve moved the deadline for Rawk the Puck second round voting till the end of today because, well, I’ve been too busy to tabulate all of our panelist comments yet. See how far Skid Row can go when they represent the Minnesota Wild by checking out song clips and don’t forget to vote!

I’m not a superstitious guy, at least in the real world. In the sports world (and in the gambling world), there’s this little thing called mojo. Mojo’s a funny thing; anything can affect it. From the type of jersey a certain fan wears during the game (as I’ve often written about) to the oft-lamented “shutout” […]

The Columbus Dispatch recently assembled some opinions across the hockey world on the firing of Doug MacLean. Some big names in there, including TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Sportsnet’s Jim Kelley, our buddy James Mirtle, and, well, me. Strange thing here, since they’re saying that this is a sample of Canadian opinion, and I was published by […]

Apparently, this is the conversation that took place right before McLennan started hacking away. Hey, at least he’s got the league’s interests at heart. Jamie, you can use this blog post as evidence as you plead your case to Colin Campbell.

We’ve got just a few days remaining in the first round, but a number of teams are already looking forward to next season. Four series finished in five games or less; however, half of those teams should be proud of their season. The other half, well, not so much. CheersNew York IslandersDo players love playing […]