Secrets of The Hockey News survey


The Hockey News posted the results of a players survey regarding some burning issues around the league. Some of the results, such as players in favor of keeping the over-the-glass penalty and preferring their kids to go NCAA over Canadian juniors, were kinda surprising. Here’s some other interesting finds:

  • The #1 city that players would NOT want to play for? Buffalo Sabres. That’s right, wide-right/no-goal Buffalo fans, despite having a kick-ass team stocked with talent, players just seem to have a thing against upstate New York. I wonder if they’d think differently once you told them about the bisexual prostitutes that used to live down the hall from my buddy’s apartment in Rochester.
  • Runner-up for the worst city award? Edmonton. Maybe Chris Pronger stuffed the ballot box on that one.
  • The #1 city that players DO want to play for? Toronto and the New York Rangers. However, the Rangers were voted as having one of the worst ice surfaces in the league. So I guess living in Manhattan supercedes dealing with crappy ice.
  • 56% of the players surveyed said that Sidney Crosby was the best player in the league this season. Two players said that Sid the Kid is overrated. Um, when you’re leading the scoring lead at 19 years old, how can you be overrated? One player thought that Joel Bouchard was the most overrated guy in the league. Joel Bouchard? Since when is a journeyman defenseman on his 100th team overrated?
  • Most hated players in the NHL: I’m not sure why there was a vote for Paul Kariya unless Teemu Selanne was playing a practical joke on his buddy.
  • Someone delusional picked Dan Fritsche as the #1 young player he’d build his team around.
  • At least two guys in the NHL are totally honest — they said that the best thing about being a player isn’t living a boyhood dream or chasing the Stanley Cup; no, it’s all about chicks! You think Sergei Fedorov was one of those guys?
  • At the other end of the spectrum, one player said that girls (I’m assuming legal-age women, not the pre-teen Barbie set) was the worst aspect of the league. Well, there is that statistic about the percentage of the population that is gay, so I suppose that falls in line with that. Still, a hunch tells me that said player will NOT be coming out anytime soon despite the Red Wings being open to discussing tolerance.

In the end, the survey tells us what’s most important to these guys. Sure, many players will complain that the schedule is too long, that it contributes to much to bad injuries and wear and tear, but when it comes down to their bank account vs. travel/injuries/long season, guess which one wins? Survey says…

Would you consider a shorter regular season knowing it would mean 10 to 15 per cent less revenue from gate receipts?
1) No (175) 63%
2) Yes (103) 37%


4 Responses to “Secrets of The Hockey News survey”

  1. 1 dave in Rocha

    It’s surprising to see that Buffalo was the place most players did not want to play for, when there are so many ex-NHLers (and even current non-Sabres) living in the Buffalo area.

    By my recollection, there is Mike Peca, Matthew Barnaby, Scotty Bowman, Harry Neale, Dave Andreychuk, Marcel Dionne (I think), as well as boatloads of former Sabres such as Perreault, Rob Ray and more.

  2. 2 Jordi

    Which of the following phrases most closely resembles your opinion of the NHL working environment?

    They forgot the 4th popular option: “Fuck you”.

    I might be wrong but you know, I reckon half of the survers were done while shitfaced or with other friends.

  3. 3 JN

    I had heard recently that the Edmonton ice had a decline in quality in recent years, but the players sure didn’t seem to notice!

    p.s. My theory is that the Bell Centre’s 3rd place ice explains the Habs indecent power-play this year…


    1) By loooking closely at the results it looks like not all the players took the survey AND many didn’t answer seriously
    2) Eric Goddard and Josh Green got votes as ‘the best player in the NHL this season’. Goddard is a heck of a fighter, but his hands are not known for much else.

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