Minor penalty: 2 minutes for swearing


Bryan Murray doesn’t like it when Sidney Crosby swears close to network microphones:

“He’s one of those young people, and rightly so, that the league is really promoting as the example of the new NHL,” said Murray. “When he turns, and I’m sure he’s on camera quite often, using the language he does, I don’t think that’s something he should do. That’s all.”

So, Bryan, you probably don’t have the Center Ice package, right? Because if you did, you’d probably have caught at least a few Phoenix Coyotes games. I’ve documented just how Wayne Gretzky does his best Mr. Furious imitation on this blog before, and if you watch the Yotes broadcast, Wayne likes to drop his own f-bombs quite a bit behind the bench.

Yes, this is the same Saint Gretzky who was a Saturday morning cartoon character and still the most recognized hockey guy anywhere. He ain’t happy when things don’t go the Coyotes way (which is pretty fuc…I mean, pretty freakin’ often) and that means there’s a LOT of profanity coming out his mouth. It’s Great profanity, but profanity nonetheless. Sure you can’t always hear it, but you don’t need to be a CIA operative to read his lips, and the occassional microphone pass catches it too. It’s actually really entertaining.

Brian Burke, who’s admittedly not in the media spotlight like Sidney Crosby is, had this really funny semi-related quote in his trade deadline journal:

I talk to Florida assistant GM Randy Sexton about Todd Bertuzzi, and he tells me “the guy we like is Perry.” I offer him profanity. If you are offended by profanity, it’s difficult to make a trade in the NHL.

So the lesson we have learned from Bryan Murray’s blurb is that Sidney Crosby shouldn’t curse like every other pro athlete on the planet (and pretty much 95% of the world’s population) AND that Bryan Murray’s aversion to swearing may preclude any deals with Anaheim. You learn something every f@#@ing day now, don’t you?


4 Responses to “Minor penalty: 2 minutes for swearing”

  1. 1 OddyOh

    Boo hoo, a pro athlete swearing. The headline Sportsnet had was “Is Crosby Playing Mr. Dressup”…which I didn’t get either. They’d have done well to ignore this story.

  2. 2 peterboroughpete

    Is the Murray talking about per chance? I think he must have been telling Lindy he loved him?

  3. 3 Michael

    Coach Murray,

    Still pissed about not getting “Mr. Roberts Neighborhood” to be taken up in Kanata, eh?

    Does the video of Coach Murray cussing out the Kings color guy need to surface again?

  4. 4 Sherry

    In defense of Murray, I think he was just explaining what had happened when Therrien accused him of talking to his players and then threw that Crosby line in there so they’d stop thinking he was a saint or something.

    But I agree though, pro athletes swear all the time and he’s only 19 for goodness’ sake.

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