Don’t count the Avs out yet


Long dead and buried, there’s a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope for Colorado Avalanche fans. Currently, the Avs are six points behind the Flames with one game at hand (tonight against the Sharks). In addition, the Avs have two head-to-head games with Calgary. Let’s take a look at their upcoming schedules:

Calgary’s Schedule
Mar 20 vs Detroit
Mar 22 vs Nashville
Mar 25 at Chicago
Mar 27 at Minnesota
Mar 29 at Minnesota
Mar 31 at Vancouver
Apr 3 vs Colorado
Apr 5 at San Jose
Apr 7 vs Edmonton
Apr 8 at Colorado

Some things to consider:

  • Calgary’s pretty awful on the road and 2/3 of their remaining games are on the road.
  • There’s a gimme game against the Blackhawks, but the rest of the schedule’s pretty tough. Even Edmonton, who’s been awful since the trade deadline, gets geared up for the Battle of Alberta

Colorado’s Schedule
Mar 18 vs San Jose
Mar 21 at Edmonton
Mar 23 at Edmonton
Mar 25 at Vancouver
Mar 27 vs Vancouver
Mar 29 at Phoenix
Mar 31 vs Minnesota
Apr 3 at Calgary
Apr 5 at Vancouver
Apr 7 vs Nashville
Apr 8 vs Calgary

Some things to consider:

  • Games against Edmonton aren’t blood feuds, so the Avs should have a slightly easier time with the Oilers. Throw in another gimme game against Phoenix.
  • Three games against Vancouver will be difficult, including a home-and-home

Looking at this, if the Avs play well and the Flames stumble on the road, everything could come down to the April 3rd and April 8th games. The Avs have to strike first with at least a point tonight against the Sharks (notice I didn’t say win — that’s my Sharks bias coming through).


One Response to “Don’t count the Avs out yet”

  1. 1 OilFan

    No, you can count them out. They’re hot now but they’re goaltending will be revealed for what it is and they’ll fall out of contention. Colorado can never match up with Calgary, in any aspect. And I’m saying this as an Oilers fan!

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