Blog is back up


After a lovely visit from a hacker, my blog is now back up. Thanks to Blogger, all of the files were reconstructed with the touch of a button.

The rest of the site…well, my host has to restore those. So while I can blog, my writing business takes a standstill for a day or so. Which is fine cause, you know, the whole paying bills thing is overrated anyways.

Thanks hackers. May karma Bertuzzi you into a Chris Simon crosscheck some day.


4 Responses to “Blog is back up”

  1. 1 Earl Sleek

    Good to see you back operational again, Chen. You’re definitely owed some credit in the karma department for this nonsense.

  2. 2 Jordi

    What? His mother will take away his modem?

  3. 3 PJ Swenson

    What does not kill your blog, makes it stronger.

    A long time ago, I think it was 1999 or 2000, all of the javascript on my site was turned into little images that said “hacked by Chinese”.

    I actually took it as a bit of a compliment at the time, but they did not destroy anything. Good luck getting everything back together.

  4. 4 Stevens8204

    Welcome back Mike….these little kids today I tell ya….LOL Blog on my friend.

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